Our wedding party

We LOVE our wedding party :)

Ashlee's attendants
  • Krystal Lewis, Bridesmaid
    Krystal and Ashlee met in the summer of 2006. They instantly bonded and have remained close friends ever since. They both work in education and have shared some fun memories together from spring break vacays to girl's weekends in Nashville. Ashlee is so thankful to have such an amazing, God-fearing woman like Krystal in her life and is so honored for her to share in her special day
  • Kelly Russell, Matron Of Honor
    Kelly and Ashlee have known each other since birth. Their families are best friends who used to vacation together each year. They refer to each other as Lou and Sue and have adventures that date back to their days in the church nursery. From driving without their licenses at 15, to numerous inside jokes, they can have fun and laugh no matter the circumstances. They used to dream about and plan their weddings from a very young age and Ashlee is honored to have Kelly serve as one of her matron's of honor.
  • Julia Guest, Matron Of Honor
    Julia and Ashlee have been best friends since high school. They met shortly after Julia moved to Lexington from Chicago and although they went to seperate high schools and colleges,they remained great friends through thick and thin. Julia and Ashlee recently completed their first half marathon together in St. Pete, which was an amazing memorable experience. Even though Julia now lives in NC, her and Ashlee remain super close and spend time together whenever possible and talk on a frequent basis. Ashlee is honored to have Julia serve as one of her matron's of honors on her big day :)
  • Emily Monk, Matron Of Honor
    Emily and Ashlee met in high school and have remained great friends ever since. They attended college together and have shared in some pretty fabulous memories. Emily also completed the half marathon with Ashlee in November and they had a wonderful time bonding over the the ocean :) Ashlee is honored to have Emily serve as one of her matron's of honor.
  • Jane Davis, Bridesmaid
    Jane and Ashlee were each other's first college roomate at EKU. After Ashlee initally was scared to room with 'some girl from Corbin' and Jane with 'some sorority girl from Lexington,' they both ended up pledging Kappa Delta together and have remained great friends ever since. They've had several memorable moments together including spring break trips to the Bahamas, formals, and a girls weekend in Vegas. No matter how busy their lives become, they still make time to see each other and Ashlee is honored for Jane to share in her Big Day
  • Emi Baker, Flower Girl
    Ashlee was there the day Emi was born and has loved her ever since. Emi is cute, sweet, and full of life. Emi is the closest thing Ashlee has to a real daughter and she adores her to pieces. Ashlee is so excited to have such a wonderful young lady serve as her flower girl.
  • Krista Kurtti, Bridesmaid
    Ashlee and Krista met at EKU when they both pledged Kappa Delta. They immediately bonded due to their love of life and wild personalities. They shared several of the same classes from Communications to Step Aerobics where they always made sure to have fun, and were successful in annoying some of their professors in the process. ha! They've had tons of excellent memories from spring break in The Bahamas, trips to Vegas, and Krista's wedding in Jamaica. Krista lives in Hawaii now, but the girls stay in touch whenever possible and Ashlee is so excited Krista is making the journey from Hawaii to Ky for her big day!
  • Tiffany Durr, Bridesmaid
    Tiffany and Ashlee met in 2006 after Tiffany joined Ashlee's life group. They immediately bonded once they realized they were both KD ladies and have remained friends ever since. Tiffany now lives in FL, but the girls still manage to see each other a few times a year. Tiffany has an amazing voice and will also be singing at the wedding. Ashlee is excited to have her share in her Big Day.
  • Ashley Delucia, Bridesmaid
    Ashley and Ashlee met in the Winter of 2009 and have become great friends. They are both teachers who share a love to traveling and adventure. The girls enjoyed their first KY Oaks experience together, have cruised the Caribbean with each other, and enjoy their monthly Bunco group. Ashley's husband and Michael have become good friends as well and the four of them enjoy going on double dates on the weekends. Ashlee was blessed to share in Ashley's big day in October and is excited that Ashley will be sharing in her's in June.
  • Melinda Greenwood, Bridesmaid
    Ashlee and Melinda met in 2008 where they bonded over their love of fashion and everything girly and preppy. Melinda is also a teacher so the two loved spending their summers lounging by the pool sipping fruity drinks and indulging in the latest Hollywood gossip. Melinda's husband and Michael are like long lost brothers and although the Greenwoods now live an hour away, they see each other whenever possible. Ashlee was honored to share in Melinda's wedding in July and is excited for Mel to share in her's in June.
  • Lyndsey Timoney, Bridesmaid
    Lyndsey and Ashlee met and bonded over their hall duty each day at West High in 2009. While trying to keep the smokers and skippers out of the bathroom, their friendship quickly developed when they realized they had several mutual friends. Lyndsey then served as Ashlee's official matchmaker in 2010 and introdcued her and Michael. The girls were able to teach a class together in the 10-11 school year and have made lots of memories from their days in the classroom. They live in the same neighborhood so they enjoy meeting up for summer walks whenever the time allows. Lyndsey is due with her 2nd child two days before the wedding, so even though she may not be able to make it to the ceremony, she will definitely be there in spirit :)
Michael's attendants
  • Gavin Cooper, Ring Bearer
    Gavin is Ashlee and Michael's 3 year old nephew and they love him to pieces. Gavin is quite the little man with his love of lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners. He is excited to share in his Aunt and Uncle's big day, and they couldnt imagine anyone more perfect for the ring bearer job.
  • Chase Runyon, Groomsman
    Chase and Michael met and became close friends after they met, roomed together, and played baseball for Thomas More College. Both went on to become teachers and coaches and remain close friends today.
  • Chris Greenwood, Usher
    Michael and Chris met after he began dating and eventually marrying Ashlee's bridesmaid Melinda. The two instantly bonded and are very much alike and quite the duo when together.
  • Steven DeLucia, Usher
    Steven and Michael met through Ashlee's friend Ashley. She and Steven were recently married and Michael and Steven have grown to become big buddies over the past year. They enjoy watching UK sports together when the ladies are out doing their own things.
  • Jeremy Cooper, Usher
    Jeremy is Ashlee's brother and Michael's soon to be brother in law. The two have become great friends and are excited to become brothers in June.
  • Noah Welte, Best Man
    Noah and Michael met at Thomas More College where they both played baseball. They have shared lots of memories over the years and remain close friends today.
  • Matt Lonneman, Groomsman
    Matt and Michael met at Thomas More College and have remained great friends ever since. The two dont see each other as often as they'd like, but when they do it's like no time has passed between them.
  • Justin Ison, Usher
    Justin and Michael met at Lafayette High School where they taught together. They have remained close friends over the years despite no longer teaching together.
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